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Coaching & Assessments

Implement targeted coaching programs for your executives, work teams and high potential employees.

Coaching is an ideal choice for those organizations looking for a high-touch, development option for key employees such as:

Executives seeking to enhance their leadership capabilities​

Work Teams needing to quickly assimilate and learn how to work together

High potential employees interested in developing new competencies

At Blue HR, we leverage an assessment and coaching methodology that ensures there is alignment between the strategy and goals of both the business and the professional. Our approach begins with in-depth assessments using a variety of tools to uncover the unique challenges and issues an individual or work team is looking to address. Coaching plans are targeted to the individual and/or team and are centered on honest and objective feedback in the context of a supportive and high-trust relationship. The goal is always to achieve real, lasting change and dramatically improve the contribution individuals and /or teams make to an organization.