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Part-Time & Interim Support

Your people are your most important asset. Shouldn’t you ensure you have someone qualified managing your human resource needs?

For small, rapidly growing companies and start-ups, attracting, managing, and retaining talent can be quite a burden. Many companies opt to tack on human resource responsibilities to individuals in finance and operational roles, despite their lack of HR management experience, knowledge, and education. As a result, HR practices are not compliant and the company lacks the HR infrastructure necessary to support organizational growth. These companies struggle to hire, manage and retain talent and business suffers as a result. Leveraging a part-time or interim Blue HR consultant ensures you are compliant in your policies and practices, and you have the HR infrastructure, programs, and processes to that foster business growth and success.

Small businesses are not the only ones to benefit from our Part-Time and Interim Support services! Large organizations have staff shortages and gaps in expertise that can also benefit from a part-time & interim option. Instead of piling on additional responsibilities onto your existing, shorthanded HR staff, leverage a Blue HR consultant on a part-time or interim basis to help keep your HR function running effectively.

Our Services

Blue HR Advisors provide support services across all human resource disciplines including:


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